Prince Rupert Rowing & Yacht Club
121 George Hills Way,
Prince Rupert, BC
V8J 1A3
Tel:250 624-4317

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Dock layout overview
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Established in 1912, the Prince Rupert Rowing & Yacht Club is one of the oldest yacht clubs in Canada and is situated in B.C.'s most northerly port. Prince Rupert is served by air, road and rail systems and has facilities for all types of pleasure and commercial vessels. Prince Rupert is your first port of entry heading south from Alaska, and Canadian Customs is available for clearance when you contact CANPASS.

Things to Do

Spend a few days here by taking in the sights and learning about the history and culture of the area. Visit the Museum of Northern British Columbia, explore the downtown and quaint Cow Bay area. Explore our beautiful coastline or fish for our famous Spring "Tyee" salmon and halibut. Stock up on necessary groceries, fuel, water and boat parts. Enjoy taking in the "Northern" life that makes Prince Rupert a special place.

Harbour Coordinates

Harbour Coordinates are 54 degrees 19.245'N, 130 degrees 19.244'W.

The Port of Prince Rupert and the approaches are covered by Canadian Charts 3957, 3958 and 3955 or B.A. charts.

Prince Rupert Coast Guard Radio is VHF Channel 16. Yacht Club Radio is VHF Channel 73.
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